Let's get you started (and do not skip this step)!

Before you continue with the course, you will need your own personality profile.

I have developed a free online quiz for you to take and you can find it HERE. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete

Within several minutes after completing the quiz you will receive an email with a link to your profile. Click on the link and view, download and print your profile.

Please do this before you proceed so you can reflect on your personality profile while taking the next modules.

NOTE: If you have created a personality profile before, your new profile is stored in the cloud where you can access it by creating an account on WWW.POLARITYLEARNING.COM using the EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USED TO CREATE YOUR EARLIER PROFILE(S).

The reason for this is to help you compare all previous versions of your personality profile together in order to help you determine your "true type".

I believe in retaking the quiz as often as you want. Each one represents a snapshot of your personality at the time you took the quiz and is an invitation to self-reflection.